Can You Eat Seafood During Pregnancy

When you are pregnant, you need to watch what you eat. There are certain foods that may not be good for the baby and can in some cases cause harm to the unborn child. Some women believe that eating seafood during pregnancy is not safe for the baby, however, the contrary is true. Seafood, such as fish, contains Omega 3 fatty acids which is excellent for mum and the growing baby. These vital nutrients are considered much needed brain food for the baby. However, there are certain types of fish that could be harmful to the baby and you find out which ones need to be avoided.

Fish like Marlin, Swordfish and Shark should avoided at all costs if you are trying to conceive and even more so if you are already pregnant. These fish grow slowly and thus contain more mercury than other types, which could be harmful to your baby’s nervous system. Pregnant women should also avoid eating too much oily fish as they may contain pollutants. Trout, mackerel and salmon are considered oily fish.

The seafood that is considered safe to eat during pregnancy is smoked fish, sushi, and shellfish. Smoked fish is not raw and considered “cured”, so its safe to eat. Sushi should be frozen for 2 hours before it is prepared in order to be considered safe in pregnancy and shellfish is also fine, as long as it is cooked thoroughly. It is also okay to enjoy seafood at restaurants, provided the restaurant complies with strict cooking and hygiene standards.

Seafood contains vital nutrients needed to grow a healthy and happy baby. Research shows that women who consumed adequate amounts of seafood during pregnancy, had babies with a higher “IQ” than those women who did not prioritize seafood as part of their diet. Seafood is also considered very healthy for women who are breastfeeding their babies, as the Omega 3 nutrients are still delivered to the baby through the mother’s breast milk. If you are trying to conceive or are already pregnant, give your baby a head start in life, by eating as much of the good seafood as you can.

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