Is It Safe To Eat Pacific Seafood?

Is Pacific seafood safe? This is a question we still hear all the time, and it’s not hard to see why. Here at Nature’s Knowledge we care about the quality and safety of our food, and it’s important to keep up with the latest news on how the disastrous Fukushima nuclear incident in Japan. Despite the main event being years ago, reports of heavily increased radiation still being found from various Pacific wildlife have many people concerned – and rightfully so!

No one like the idea of radiation with their tuna! There are many conflicting stories out there about whether or not the seafood is safe, and as with any online story, it’s sometimes hard to separate the made up blog opinions from the actual scientific studies and work that answers the question of is Pacific seafood safe?

The blue fin tuna has especially come under stern review, as this popular tuna migrates off infected waters and has been shown to carry some of the radioactive cesium that is connected to the Fukushima spill, so some sign is there. The good news? At this point it looks like the level of radioactive spill from the accident is still hundreds of times lower than the level of naturally occurring radioactive materials acquired by the fish through nature.

In other words, while it’s extremely important to keep an eye on the water levels over the next few years and make sure the numbers stay down, the health benefits of eating Pacific seafood far outweigh the risks that come from any potential contamination. In fact, the only places in Japan currently affected are some fisheries near site zero of where the spill took place. Tuna naturally caught off the coast is still safe by their standards, which are 10 times stricter than US standards.

While we always need to be aware of what contaminants are at play, you can rest easy and keep Pacific seafood as a healthy part of a balanced and nutritious diet plan.

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